Big Dog Arcade

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Big Dog Arcade

Big Dog Arcade is not only an Online Family Fun Center, but it is also a highly successful E-Commerce Site. Big Dog Arcade Template Store has sold its arcade templates to 100's of customers all over the world. This website tracks sales from its affiliates and computes commissions. Big Dog Arcade also earns affiliate commissions selling phpArcadeScript. Many new design and programming innovations developed for Big Dog Arcade helped develop phpArcadeScript V4.

Serving also as a development site, Big Dog Arcade features new innovations, many of which were used in finalizing the development of phpArcadeScript V4.

Some Features Are:
  • CSS Tableless Layout
  • Template Store with PayPal interface
  • Ajax Rating System
  • Ajax User Comments
  • Sponsored Game with PayPal interface
  • Contest Mod for users
  • Full Size Game
  • Flash ActionScript Login
  • Flash ActionScript Banner

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